Thank you for reimagining with Water4 in Wassa East!

This summer, we asked you to reimagine a world with access to safe water. We asked you to partner with us in Wassa East, Ghana to end the water crisis for 3,500 people by raising $100,000. We asked and you responded. And you’re response was not small. You locked arms with Water4 and the people we serve and crushed the goal, raising $103,669 to make the water crisis history for even more families in Wassa East.

Thanks to you, thousands more people in Wassa East have the opportunity to know a world free from waterborne illness. A world where healthy children have time to play and go to school. A world where families have hope for futures together. A world where possibilities are limitless.

Thank you for reimagining a world where the water crisis is history! This summer, you brought life giving safe water to the people of Wassa East, Ghana.

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