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Blue Wave

When you design something for everyone, it’s not useful for anyone. The current trend is to build gadgets when more adaptive options are what’s needed. At Water4, we assess the individual need and then design a fit-for-purpose mechanism to address the challenge. Taking into account water quality, geography, community size, cost, and affordability constraints, our …

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Blue Wave

As we begin a new year, Water4 enterprise partners have the tools, training and support they need to fight the water crisis on behalf of hundreds of thousands of more people – all because of an extra special group of Water4 supporters who share the vision for a world where all people have access to …

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Blue Wave

If you think Water4 has been talking a lot about Ghana lately, you’re on to us. Our local enterprise partner – AD Ghana – is feverishly completing a pilot project in a rural part of the country, Wassa East District. And we expect the results to have a transformational impact on a dozen other countries …

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