Infusing faith in Jesus and the desire to do God’s will into everything we do.

God's vision for humanity doesn't include a water crisis.

Blue Wave

The poor and needy search for water, but there is none; their tongues are parched with thirst. But I the LORD will answer them; I, the God of Israel, will not forsake them. – Isaiah 41:17 

God’s vision for the world is Shalom, or universal flourishing. God made all people in His image (Imago Dei) and desires all people to flourish physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually. Our faith in Jesus and desire for Shalom fuels everything we do at Water4. We see safe water as the catalyst to enabling communities to experience that abundance for generations. We also see physical water as the entry point to Jesus as the Living Water. Bringing the hope and change of safe water allows safe water businesses to speak beyond practical needs to those holistic in nature, to which we believe Jesus is key. We are focused on the long-term, which includes water services that are sustainable over generations and disciple making that has generational impact. We bring Shalom: for safe and living water today and lasting hope for tomorrow.



How can you contribute to eradicating the water crisis? Check out a couple of ways you can get involved today!

Invest Through Your Church

Help us change the world with an investment through your church! Click to contact us and talk about a partnership with your church!

Give Today

Join the movement providing safe water and access to the Gospel to communities across 7 different countries, for life, by making a gift today!

Faith In The Field

Water4’s partners not only deliver safe water through pumps and piped water systems, but they use this work to build trusted, important relationships with the community. Over time, they are then able to introduce the Gospel by leveraging their own personal testimonies, Water4’s Multiply curriculum, and the creation of Discipleship Bible Studies (DBS). DBS and Multiply introduce people to the Gospel for the first time, by gathering and walking through scripture on a weekly basis, praying together, and growing in their understanding of Jesus and what it means to follow him.  Take a look at the videos below to learn more about how Water4 is offering an introduction to the Living Water and developing generational disciples!

Hear how Water4 is making faith a focus of the mission, bringing water, businesses, and discipleship all together to not only bring clean water to communities, but also the Living Water!

In a small village in Sierra Leone, the reflection of the water crisis is changing from darkness to light in the heart of one man.

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