Professional Water Services at Scale

Our Water4 Enterprises

Our local businesses are the backbone of the Water4 approach. We build enterprises that are professionally run and can stand on their own two feet. They put the “sustain” in sustainable development by living and working in the communities they serve. We are obsessed with developing businesses and individuals so they are empowered to solve their own local water crisis.

The Business Model

We believe that when people pay for water, two things happen. First, customers value and use the water wisely. Second, payment ensures that the enterprise can maintain and grow high-quality services all the time. That may sound simple, but in the rural water sector, building with this end in mind is revolutionary.

The Scale

Water4 enterprises are empowered and financed to grow quickly from small drill teams to micro-utilities that can serve an entire district, city, or sub-county. Water4 provides seed capital and continuous training on a host of business and technical skill areas. As the enterprise scales, it covers more of its operating costs with its own-source revenues. The enterprise gradually replaces donor support with commercial finance and revenue generated from services to grow its water business.

The Technology

Status quo water infrastructure is centralized, heavy, and expensive to maintain.  By their very structure, businesses must adapt, innovate and grow with evolving water markets. They have dual incentives toward self-reliance and market expansion in a way that is modular, fit-for-purpose and climate-resilient. We offer different levels of service to different customer types based on affordability and geography. Achieving this is done through two primary delivery mechanisms:

How We Work

Our Services


Identifying the best environment to start and scale water businesses in partnership with governments and communities.    


Appropriate surveying technology and training to our Water4 businesses to determine where to drill and what type of drilling equipment to use.


Cost-effective and modular design and construction methods that are replicable based on community size and demand.

Well Drilling:

Innovative, efficient drilling methods and hydrogeology training to ensure drilling and borehole construction best practices and standards are exceeded, and training for supervising and monitoring mechanical drilling subcontractors.


Market-based training for communities on the benefits of affordable, safe water and the need to fund sustainable services.

Sales & Marketing:

Businesses must understand their clients’ desires, motivations, and priorities to thrive. We train in Sales & Marketing to ensure what is delivered aligns with what is desired so its future is financed by those who use it.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Centralized tracking of functionality, water quality and operational data that enables performance benchmarking for Sustainable Development Goal 6 and beyond.

operations & maintenance

Professional technicians with 24/7 access to expert support on hand pump and NUMA systems.

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