the Solution

The water crisis will not be solved with charity alone. It will only be solved by locking arms with the people affected and empowering them to continue the work we start together. Together with our field partners, we fight for safe and living water today and lasting hope for tomorrow.

Faith is
the foundation

Blue Wave

We believe God works through the capacity, strength, and greatness of ordinary people to eradicate the water crisis — leaving behind lasting peace and reconciliation in its place through those same people. Because of God’s love for us, we seek to imitate Jesus and empower people in all we do. 

Learn why faith comes first in “the 4” of Water4.

forms the foundation of all we do.

Safe Water

Market Based Safe Water

Safe water changes everything, but simply drilling wells and giving away water to communities will never solve the water crisis without a long-term plan. At Water4, we believe in a long-term business solution to the water crisis.

We’re reimagining the role charity plays in the solution to the water crisis by partnering with local businesses who use donated capital to operate water service businesses sustained by local people paying affordable rates for safe water. When affordable access to safe water is available to all, communities thrive and lives are changed forever.


WaSH Training

Access to safe water is just the beginning. According to USAID Global Health, researchers estimate that inadequate hand hygiene results in nearly 300,000 deaths annually. Water Access, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) education is critical for ending waterborne diseases in the communities Water4 serves.

WaSH training helps communities understand how handwashing, safe food preparation and proper water storage prevent the spread of waterborne disease. Water4-trained WaSH facilitators use a multi-session, Bible-based curriculum to help communities discover the economic, social and health benefits of safe water and healthy sanitation practices.

Local Heroes

Business Development

We empower local entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa to operate growing water enterprises providing families, communities, and entire regions with affordable, reliable access to safe water.

We started with a dream where the people suffering from the water crisis would be the ones to ultimately solve it. That dream is coming true today.

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