the Problem

The global water crisis claims 3.4 million lives each year. To us, it’s not just a statistic. It’s 3.4 million people with names, families, hopes and dreams. When confronted with this reality, we must respond. This is not someone else’s crisis…it’s all of ours.

The Water Crisis


2.1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe water at home. (WHO)


32 percent of the world’s population – 2.4 billion people-lack improved sanitation facilities. (WHO/UNICEF)


Women bear 62 percent of the responsibility of collecting water in Sub-Saharan Africa.  (UNICEF)

The Sustainability Crisis

Did you know that more than $1.2 billion worth of water infrastructure investment has been wasted over the last 20 years on water wells that sit broken today? Charity alone will never solve the water crisis. Charity is effective when it’s used to empower local people with the opportunity to solve their own problems in ways that can be self-sustained locally.

Will you join us in empowering more local heroes to be the solution to their water crisis? When those that have the need become the solution, they will make the water crisis history once and for all.

How Can We Solve This?

Market Based Safe Water

“We’re committed to local people solving local problems with local resources. We’re committed to working through the capacity, strength and greatness of ordinary people to do whatever it takes to see a world where every last person has abundant access to safe water.”

Matt Hangen
President & CEO

The Human Crisis

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