Monthly Investment,

Lifelong Impact

The Core is a group of committed monthly donors who passionately embody the values of Water4 and prioritize the mission of eradicating the water crisis for good through monthly investment, bringing lifelong impact.

Q1 2022: Malawi

Members of The Core partner together to make lifelong impact project by project and community by community. For the first quarter of 2022, The Core is working to end the water crisis in Malawi, where over 4 million people live without safe water access!

Now through February 26th, we are asking people who are passionate about ending the water crisis to step up, and join The Core by making a monthly gift using our quick, secure, and easy recurring giving platform. Members of the Core are coming together to raise $15,000 to support the work of Water Access Malawi as they bring safe water over 18,000 people this year alone! Not many could accomplish this goal alone, but together, we can reach it in the first quarter of this year with only 185 donors donating $27 per month!

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In 2024, The Core has already collectively raised

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