September 28, 2024 | Scissortail Park, OKC 8:30am

The Walk

For millions around the world, today began with a long walk to collect water. We want to end this walk.
We want to make walking for water, and unsafe water at that, a thing of the past.  To help make this a reality, join us for a 3+ mile walk around Scissortail Park at Walk4Water4! You’ll enjoy live music, hear more about Water4, and help us raise funds and awareness to end this walk and the global water crisis!

40 pounds

Water is often carried in five gallon buckets which weigh over 40 pounds when full.

3.7 miles

Women and children in the developing world walk an average of 3.7 miles (6 km) per day to collect water. (USAID)

570 million

Nearly 570 million children lack access to basic drinking water at school. (UNICEF)

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Water4 and the Global Water Crisis

2.1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe water at home, and the global water crisis claims 3.4 million lives each year — more than all forms of violence, including war, combined. These numbers aren’t just statistics. They represent real people with names, families, hopes and dreams.

Water4 is an Oklahoma City-based international nonprofit. We build businesses across Africa that create safe water networks, sell water at an affordable rate, train communities in health and hygiene, and share the gospel through relationships. Water4 supports these businesses through charity, resourcing and scaling them to profitability when they can operate independently. It’s a local, sustainable approach to ending the water crisis, one that is built through charity, but not dependent on it.

Resources To Share

Walk4Water4 Playlist

Listen while you walk to enjoy stories about Water4 and our partner enterprises, great music, and more!

Walk4Water4 Fundraising Guide

This guide is a 5 step process for fundraising for Walk4Water4. We can’t reach our goal and provide thousands of people with safe water for life without your help and the help of your community! Click to download this guide and discover ways that you can raise money and engage your community to join with you in ending the walk for water.

Questions? Feel free to email us at info@water4.org.


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Come walk with me on September 30th! Register today at water4.org/walk and help end the global water crisis!

Water is often carried in five gallon buckets that weigh over 40 pounds when full. Can you imagine? Every dollar helps to end this long, tedious walk. Register and set your fundraising goal for $250 to provide safe water for a family. 

Nearly 570 million children lack access to basic drinking water at school. (UNICEF) This is NOT okay. I’m walking to change that by raising money for Water4. Will you join me in the fight to end the water crisis with a gift today? [insert personal fundraising link]

Women and children in the developing world walk an average of 3.7 miles (6 km) per day to collect water. (USAID) YOU can change that with a gift to Water4 [insert personal fundraising link]. Let’s end the walk once and for all.


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The Why

Who We Are

Walk So They Don't


Brighten someone’s day by sharing stories from Water4 & our partners!

Check Check The Email

Use the sample templates below as a guide to create your own emails to send to close friends and family!

Template #1

Dear friend,

Did you know that 2.1 billion people woke up this morning without access to safe water? We have a role to play so no one has to go without this basic need. 

I’m walking three miles in the Walk4Water4 with Water4 on September 28th to bring awareness to the 2.1 billion people who have to make the long journey each day to collect water. My goal is to raise $_____/mile which will provide more people access to safe water, meaning more time to play, more time to go to school, more time to laugh. 

Join me in ending the water crisis by donating to my Walk4Water4 campaign today. {Link to your personal fundraising page}

Thank you for your support!

Your Name

P.S. Learn more about Water4’s mission to empower people and local businesses to end their own crisis at water4.org

Template #2

In sub-Saharan Africa, women and girls spend an estimated 40 billion hours a year collecting water. 

What if that could change? What if YOU could change that? 

On September 28th, I’m participating in Water4’s Walk4Water4 to bring attention to the water crisis. I believe no one should be without access to safe water or have to walk over three miles to collect it. I am asking you to sponsor one mile for $____ to help me meet my fundraising goal of $____, bringing us one step closer to the ultimate goal of sustainable water access for all. 

To follow the progress of my campaign or to make a donation, click here:  {Link to your personal fundraising page}. 

You can learn more about the water crisis and mission of Water4 at water4.org.

Thank you!

Your Name

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