safe WaSH

Providing Water Access, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WaSH) training educates communities on the economic and social value of clean water and sound sanitation practices.

WaSH best practices are vital to overall freedom from the water crisis

Access to safe water is just the beginning. With each completed water project, Water4 partners train communities on proper sanitation and hygiene to further sustain the community’s freedom from the water crisis.

Water4 uses missional WaSH curriculum from Lifewater International. Lifewater’s mWaSH curriculum uses a 12-day, multisession, Bible-based methodology that encourages communities to work together to discover and name their difficulties, empowering them with low cost, sustainable solutions to their sanitation and hygiene issues.

Through WaSH trainings, communities discover and enact changes with handwashing stations, latrines, pot drying racks and safe food preparation methods as a result of the enterprises’ investment in mobilizing and informing the communities.

Water4 believes training communities in WaSH best practices is vital to overall freedom from the water crisis.
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