Why We Give Safe Water

Hear from long-time supporters of Water4 and be encouraged by their faith, commitment, and investment in ending the water crisis, through a solution that works, once and for all.

The Wilsons

Lynn and JoAn Wilson are dedicated volunteers of Water4 who were there when we first got started in 2008. They’ve been loyal to the cause since then, and Lynn even received an award for his incredible commitment and time as Water4’s “Chief Executive Volunteer”. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them!

“Why do you give? Because you’re proud of what you’re giving to, and you see that you’re still making an impact. We believe in it, and we know that our gift really goes to what’s happening in Africa. Anything you do for God’s Kingdom is a good investment, and this is part of our investment and our service to the Lord. ” – Lynn Wilson

The Calhouns

Steve and Diane Calhoun first heard about Water4 through a close friend of their son’s in college, Anabel. She was an avid supporter of safe water missions and after her sudden passing in college, the Calhouns started contributing to Water4 in her honor. They’ve been supporters ever since

“We began giving to Water4 out of the desire to aid others in their calling to help those in need, physically and spiritually. We liked the fact that Water4 didn’t just go in and drill wells and leave and we trust your expertise and knowledge to determine the best way to use the resources available to you.”

-Diane Calhoun.

“Water4 goes way beyond ‘give a man a fish’ then beyond ‘teach a man to fish’ to ‘teach a man to build fishing equipment’ and ‘teach a man to sell some of the fish he catches’. Charity is a virtue.I trust and admire Matt and all the staff at Water4. They’ve got the boots on the ground and are in the best position to judge where is the greatest need is and the greatest return on investments by contributors. Jesus did a lot of preaching, but it was frequently in connection with meeting human physical needs like feeding and healing. It worked okay for Him, and I guess it’s a reasonable model to emulate.”

-Steve Calhoun

Madison Robins

“So why I give: one of the biggest reasons is that the Lord has blessed me in my life. And when you’re blessed, you don’t keep all of those blessings, you let it over-pour into the lives of others. I’m so privileged to live in America where I am within steps of clean drinking water. And so I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to be able to support giving that blessing – water, life, to other people across the world. I count it a joy to be a tiny, tiny little piece of Water4’s mission.”

Can we take a moment to celebrate these generous supporters? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We’re only able to do what we do every day because of committed supporters who believe and have faith in bringing the water crisis to an end through scalable, dependable,  safe water businesses. And to think, we’re only getting started! Grow with us and give life through safe water by becoming a Water4 supporter today and you’ll see your gift matched and doubled thanks to the Paul Milburn Gift Fund!

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