Bringing the H.E.A.T. in Ghana

The first official transatlantic H.E.A.T. Exchange training took place in Wassa East, Ghana in July providing long-term theology and leadership training to 18 local church leaders, with the vision of helping them better serve the spiritual needs of their communities. The purpose of the H.E.A.T. Exchange, which stands for Health, Education, Aptitudes and Theology, is …

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Waging Peace: Responding to fear and darkness in DRC

More than 300,000 people fled their homes this month in the northeast region of the Democratic Republic of Congo in response to armed conflict between two rival people groups. Making matters worse, the region they’re fleeing from is ground zero for the Ebola outbreak that’s claimed the lives of 1,510 people in DRC since August 2018. …

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A new kind of ordinary

Today in Sierra Leone, over 150 kids will show up at the Gagiwah Community Primary School for another ordinary day of school. They’ll read and write, play games, practice math, sing songs, day dream, get bored, make faces at each other when the teacher’s not looking… but do you know what won’t happen at this school today?

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