Sanitation & Hygiene Solutions

In October 2015, Water4 drill teams from Rwanda, Kenya, Togo, Uganda and DRC converged in Uganda for in-depth training on how to engage communities in water access sanitation and hygiene (WaSH).

While access to clean water is the first life-changing step toward freedom and sustainable change, training communities on safe water handling and sanitation and hygiene best practices is a critical part of the solution.

To do that, our drill teams underwent training through Lifewater’s mWaSH program, which teaches community mobilization through a participatory approach. Our teams learned to interact with the members of the communities they serve to act out scenarios and help community members discover the importance of proper sanitation and hygiene on their own.

When our teams identify a village that needs a well, they will plan three engagements with the community, both before and after drilling starts, to make sure the clean water they bring stays clean and effectively prevents further spread of disease, bringing continuous, sustainable health to the community.

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