The entire world faces the realities of this virus. Disruptions to daily life are a common enemy to us all, but many African countries are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. The countries where we work report a massive scarcity of the supplies that healthcare workers need to treat this silent killer with the most concerning shortages being safe water, soap and training on how to promote effective hygiene practices. It is currently estimated that just 15% of people living in Sub-Saharan Africa have access to safe water and soap and less than 58% of health care facilities in these countries lack these basic frontline defenses. With proper hand washing and social distancing being the ONLY ways to prevent greater spread of this disease, access to safe water, soap and proper hygiene training are imperative if we are to prevent COVID-19 from further straining the lives of the vulnerable.


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With a long history of innovation in safe water delivery and efficient deployment of hygiene training and products, Water4 is uniquely situated to meet the difficult challenge of preventing COVID-19’s spread. Utilizing these experiences, Water4 has quickly initiated a robust and comprehensive pandemic response plan to help our partners in the 14 African countries where we work. Water4 is tackling COVID-19 through three inter-linked actions::



Accelerate Access

Strengthen Systems


We are prepared and quickly adapting to COVID-19 by teaming up with local governments, ramping up socially distanced WaSH trainings, deploying hand washing stations, delivering soap, developing strategic safety protocols with and for our devout and brave field partners and more. We won’t stop because we know vulnerable communities are counting on the work of Water4 now more than ever.

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