Meet Aloise

I am Aloise Mugisha but many of my friends call me, Emmanuel.  I live in Kigali, Rwanda with my wife Safi Gisabo and our eight year old daughter, Elizabeth Keza and 4 month old son, Ian Gilah. I love my family and through them I continue to learn what serving is all about. 


Professionally, I have been proudly serving in sub-Saharan Africa for more than 10 years. God led me to Water4 three years ago where I am blessed to continue serving  through this amazing organization as Leadership and Impact Manager.  In this role, I support Water4 partners and  enterprise leaders in developing strategies for producing the changes needed to achieve our shared vision of providing access to safe and Living water.

My work with Water4 motivates me every single day I wake up because I know that I am a part of a mission with God to meet the physical and spiritual needs of our target communities. Water4 is more than an organization, it’s a family.  What excites me most is living out our value to empower others. Over the years God has taught me that He is the movement leader, he has the plan to.save the world – I only ride along. I love seeing how God is using ordinary men and women to transform our continent day by day.  As I continue to coach and mentor these emerging leaders, it gives me a great sense of purpose that I have always wanted in my life.  Thank you for supporting this work.

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