Patience Wema

Enterprise Development Manager
Blue Wave

Patience Wema is a follower of Christ and a native born Kenyan whose interests lie in serving others. This is because she is a great benefactor of other’s service. Wema joined the Water4 team in September 2018 as the Business Development Champion and smoothly transitioned to the Financial Stewardship Champion in March 2019. As a young professional, she is actively engaged in activities that challenge, build and develop her career.

Wema is particularly passionate about economic development and holds an MBA in project management. She believes Africa is the backbone and the future of the entire world which can transform lives only through the right qualifications, skills knowledge and above all, through stewardship.

She also enjoys reading, hiking, networking and a hot cup of coffee.

Patience's favorite quote is:

“I have only one request./ I do not ask for money/ Although I have need of it, / I do not ask for meat…/ I have only one request, / All I ask is / That you remove / the roadblock / From my path.”


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