“They will be like trees growing beside a stream--trees with roots that reach down to the water, and with leaves that are always green. They bear fruit every year and are never worried by a lack of rain.”

Jeremiah 17:7

"What makes our people different is the action that follows."

"It's not quick love, and it's not cheap love. It's deep love."

"There are a few who fight for water every day. They resist shallow. They find new ways to bring life. New technology. New systems that will eradicate this crisis from history."

"Reaching people through living water in ways that will never leave them thirsty again."

A Look Back A Note From Our Managing Director

As Water4 moves into our tenth year, I feel so fortunate to be part of a movement - empowered by each one of you - that’s changing the world. I couldn’t be more proud of the hard work, creativity, sacrifice and dedication to the Holy Spirit that have remained at the core of our mission since the very beginning.

In 2008, Water4 started with a dream where the people suffering from the water crisis would be the ones to ultimately solve it without the need for perpetual aid from the outside.

A year later, that dream collided with faith, resolve and ambition in the hearts of a few who refused to accept the status quo, and the Water4 manual drilling kit and the Access 1.2 hand pump were created. Then, in 2014, a continued commitment to our original values gave rise to the social and spiritual cornerstones we call the “Integral Mission” of Water4. Most recently, in 2016, after years of working to make our solution self-sustaining, the NUMA piped water system was born.

In this report, we raise a glass of clean water to our teams all over the world, celebrating:


new water projects providing sustainable safe water


people educated in health and hygiene practices


people deeply engaged with the Gospel


field partners working every day to solve the water crisis

In the last ten years we’ve innovated and added new approaches, but we’ve remained true to our humble beginnings. We’re still committed to local people solving local problems with local resources. We’re still committed to working through the capacity, strength and greatness of ordinary people in Africa to do whatever it takes to see a world where every last person has abundant access to safe water. We’re still committed to doing it all in Jesus’ name because we believe He'll provide the “loaves and fish” necessary to quench physical and spiritual thirst in this world.

I hope you’ll continue to dig deep with Water4 as we work alongside the most heroic people I’ve ever met to tackle total safe water coverage for entire districts in 2018. When that happens, we’ll change the conversation around how to eradicate the water crisis once and for all; showing the rest of the world that total self-sustaining safe water coverage in Africa is more than just a dream.

Matt Hangen
Water4 Managing Director

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Numbers by Country

Country Title


Active Teams


Water Projects


Lives Changed
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Fight for the Forgotten

Africa’s greatest asset is her people. We're proud to partner with Joseph, Carmen and Christelle as they dig deep to fight the water crisis in Malawi, Zambia and Rwanda.

Joseph Faison

Answering God's call, Joseph digs deeper. Growing up as a young boy in Malawi, Joseph walked for water every day. Today he fights alongside others to help them end their water crisis. Watch the video above and hear Joseph tell his story.

Carmen Brubacher

Driven by the Gospel, Carmen digs deeper. Growing up in Kenya, Carmen saw efforts to solve the water crisis and realized they weren't working. Today she empowers Zambians to bring clean water that lasts. Watch the video and hear Carmen tell her story.

Christelle Kwizera

Growing up in post-war Rwanda, Christelle learned to walk in a refugee camp. Today she’s committed to using safe water to quench physical and spiritual thirst. Watch the video above and hear Christelle tell her story.


In 2017, Water4 launched the NUMA brand across five African countries to address the growing need for water in dense communities where hand pumps can't aren't enough. Long lines and tired arms aren't the future. We believe NUMA is. Watch the video below for a glimpse of the future.

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What does it take to change the world? It takes people like Pearl Fisher. Despite her young age, she knew she had a role to play and decided to act. At seven-years-old, Pearl is fighting the water crisis from her community in Santa Rosa, CA. For her seventh birthday, she set a goal to raise $2,000 to build a well. 25 days later, Pearl blew through her goal, raising over $8,000 for safe water. Pearl is a world changer, and we're honored to be part of it!

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In 2011, Jill Donovan launched Rustic Cuff, a jewelry company built entirely around the idea of giving. In 2017, she used her company as a catalyst to raise $150,000, and empowererd Water4 partners to end the water crisis for thousands. Watch the video below to see Jill’s story.

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Manually drilled wells and hand pumps break the cycle of financial loss and death caused by waterborne illnesses, but the vision doesn't stop there. Water4 practices holistic community development that starts with communities investing in their initial water solution. We continue working with village water committees to pave the way for NUMA piped water systems fed by the initial manual well. Every donation today is the catalyst for an exponential transformative impact tomorrow.