Water4 Impact Report 2017 Local Hero: Pearl Fisher

Pearl Fisher

What does it take to change the world? It takes people like Pearl Fisher. People, whether young or old, who know they have a role to play, and make the decision to act. At 7 years old, Pearl is playing her role in fighting the water crisis from her home in Santa Rosa, Cali.

Just before her 7th birthday, Pearl set out with a goal to raise $2,000 to build a well, driven by justice to see young girls have access to safe water and education.

“Mama, I don’t need birthday gifts this year,” Pearl said. “I want to raise money for water. I want to build a well for people who don’t have water. I can do extra chores to earn more. I have enough stuff.”

And she did. In just 25 days, Pearl blew through her fundraising goal by selling hand drawn cards, hosting lemonade stands with friends and advocating for girls across the world to have access to safe water and the freedoms that follow. Once Pearl reached her goal, she knew she could do more. To date, Pearl has raised over $8,000 and counting. After fire devastation in her own community, Pearl’s supporters have continued to unite, knowing even more how water scarcity can devastate communities. Pearl is a world changer, affecting lives today and for generations to come. She’s truly making this world a better place and we are honored to be witnesses of her love.

To learn more about Pearl’s story, visit http://pearlbuildsawell.com/.