It's Time.

Now is the time to change what water looks like in Africa. Now is the time to act to save lives from preventable diseases. Now is the time to help communities build a foundation off of safe water. Now is the time to use charity to end the need for charity.

Today, your investment in Water4 is doubled up to $400k thanks to the Paul Milburn Gift Fund, and through your help, we’ll raise $1.4 million to bring safe water to over 28,000 people for life!

Virtuous Profit

See what makes us different and why our model of building safe water businesses is the most effective way to solve safe water access in Africa in our Virtuous Profit series.

Time To Buy In

Across our businesses, customers are buying in. They’re risking their money to pay for safe water because they know the cost of dirty water is much more expensive. But, they can’t shoulder the cost alone. They need our help to build the infrastructure that makes reliable, convenient safe water available everywhere. 

It’s time to buy in! Below is a snapshot of what your investment in Water4 can do. Then take that impact and double it thanks to the generosity of the Paul Milburn Gift Fund’s $400,000 match available through the end of 2023!

Safe Water Access

$ 50
  • can provide safe water access to one person for life​

Hygiene Training

$ 100
  • can provide a community with hygiene training

Disciple Making

$ 500
  • can train leaders in disciple making

Job Training

$ 1,000
  • can fund technical skill trainings for jobs


$ 2,500
  • can lay 20,000 ft. of pipe to connect dozens of homes

Water Tower

$ 5,000
  • can build a water tower to keep water flowing
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