Richard Greenly

Blue Wave

Richard and his wife Terri are co-owners of Pumps of Oklahoma, a wholesaler distributor and manufacturer of water well drilling, pumping and water treatment equipment.

In 2005, Richard had an opportunity to travel to China and use his corporate expertise to bring clean water to the people of a remote community using a solar pump. This experience gave him a heart for learning more about the world water crisis, and finding how he could be part of the solution.

Richard and Terri founded Water4 in 2008 with the mission of eradicating the world water crisis.

In their work in the developing world, the Greenly’s became aware of the difficulty of taking sophisticated machinery into remote, rural areas to drill one well for a village. They began researching alternate solutions, and after much searching, Richard reached out to an old friend, Steve Stewart, to discuss the possibility of designing something entirely new.

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