Peru is a South American country and home to the Andes mountains, the Amazon River and the Amazon Rainforest, making it very geographically diverse. Peru makes up 496,225 square miles and is home to over 31 million people. After establishing independence from Spain in 1821, Peru faced decades of political instability, finally stabilizing in the early 1900s. The later half of the 1900s consisted of wars and economic instability, but Peru has continued to seek economic growth and fight corruption. Peru ranks high on the Human Development Index (HDI) at No. 87 out of 187 countries. The HDI is part of the UN’s Human Development Report which is a composite of life expectancy, education and per capita income indicators.

Although Peru’s stability seems to be thriving, 26% of the population is considered to live in poverty, 11% of that living in extreme poverty, according to The World Bank. According to the World Health Organization, water access increased from 30% to 85% from 1985-2010, but most systems installed are not sustainable, leaving the population benefiting from that growth with broken and contaminated water sources.


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In just a couple of years, the team has bridged the gap between continents to become part of the Water4 network.

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Water4 started working in Peru in 2016 through a partnership with Texas Baptist Men. TBM already had a team leader, Keny Ojanama, with leadership qualities to form Water4 drilling enterprise, Water Access Peru. Keny has a degree in Bible Studies from the University of Texas and has completed a year of Master’s of Divinity in graduate school. WAP is based out of Iquitos, Peru, and has six full-time employees who have since been trained in rotary jetting and hydrogeology drilling.

In just a couple of years, the team has bridged the gap between continents to become part of the Water4 network. All other Water4 teams are located throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, giving them opportunities to network with other teams at enterprise trainings. Although Water Access Peru has geographical limitations, they’ve become part of the Water4 network through collaboration on WhatsApp channels.

The team members have very high levels of education, specifically in drilling and Christian theology, strengthening the faith foundation of the team. Toribio and Estir engage in communities where they work through discipleship and Keny leads the team in daily bible study.

Since partnering with Water4, the team has trained in two levels of  hydrogeology level and most recently trained in mechanized drilling in April 2018. They hope to continue learning and multiply it more drilling teams throughout Peru.

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By Emilie Hechtner / Sources: Wikipedia, WaterAid, World Health Organization, UNICEF/ Category: Countries

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