Multiply: Cohort Exchange

Multiplying holistic transformation together

for a safe world, free of a water crisis.

Calling Healthcare professionals, Entrepreneurs, Educators, and Christian leaders who want to be transformed and see transformation in their international and local vocational peers.


Healthcare professionals can help provide Biblically based values and actions for health protocols and safe medical practices to help transform the quality of life in our partnering communities.


Your skills and knowledge for small business could improve the lives of many in Ghana by partnering to create Biblically based programs for business regarding money management, relationships, marketing, and other basic business practices.


With your gifts and expertise, you can be a part of building a Biblically based program to help train other educators regarding the best practices and values for successful education programs in our partnering communities.

Christian Leaders

Your love for God’s Word, it’s principles, its scope and sequence, and it’s power to transform communities can help lead other pastors and teachers to exponentially multiply disciples through discovering the Word of God together.

What's in it for me.

When you join Multiply, you will work with a local team to help ensure every home, school, and clinic has access to not only safe water, but the Living water, through discipleship training in each of these areas of focus: education, health, church leadership, and small business.

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Together, we can bring about sustainable transformation.

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