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Logistics Coordinator

Blue Wave

Position Summary:

The Logistics Coordinator (LC) is responsible for managing Water4’s Programmatic logistics including inventory, purchasing, and shipping requirements at Headquarters, as well as international purchasing and shipping facilitated by Water4 for Water4 Enterprises.

 The LC works closely with the Director of Enterprise Development to ensure that Water4’s logistical requirements are being fulfilled, project timelines and budgets are being met, and applicable procurement processes as part of Strategic Partnerships are being followed. The LC will also work closely with the Production Manager to ensure that purchased and manufactured products are correctly tracked, entered, and removed from Water4’s inventory as final products are produced and packed for shipment. The LC will also work cross-functionally with the Operations and Finance departments to ensure the internal processes, auditing, and reconciliation requirements are being fully complied with. The LC will work to ensure that Water4 is cost-effective in operations, helping to find ways to increase efficiencies and reduce vendor and product costs.

The LC will facilitate international purchases and shipments of supplies and equipment for Water4 Enterprises, including meeting, negotiating, reviewing paperwork and contracts, tracking shipments, and reviewing final clearance documents for customs taxes in coordination with enterprises management and logistics teams. The LC will also track and ensure the repayment of these supplies and equipment to Water4 when Water4 extends a short-term line of credit to Water4 Enterprise partners. 

Finally, the LC will provide support to Water4 enterprises to develop and implement their logistics processes, with an emphasis on inventory management and receiving international shipments in the first year. Required travel will be focused on providing support specifically in this area.

Time Allocation of Responsibilities:


% Time Allocation

Management and tracking of Water4’s Inventory system, ensuring all processes are followed for checking in and out supplies and equipment from the warehouse, and reconciliations and audits required by the Operations Department. Through system management process, identify and make recommendations where processes and procedures can be streamlined. 


Purchasing of all Water4 Programmatic supplies and equipment, including vendor selection, negotiations, purchase order creation, acquiring purchasing approval, tracking shipments, and ensuring purchased supplies are in line with any and all procurement requirements, and are properly expensed and/or entered into inventory. 


Facilitate all shipments out of Water4 to Enterprises, including supporting the Production Manager in the packing process, creating packing lists and commercial invoices, securing quotations from shipping agents for management approval, organizing pickup, tracking shipments, ensuring enterprises receive all required paperwork to clear the shipment, and ensuring shipments are properly expensed and removed from inventory.


Facilitate international purchases and shipments of supplies and equipment for Water4 Enterprises, including meeting, negotiating, reviewing paperwork and contracts, tracking shipments and reviewing final clearance documents for customs taxes in coordination with enterprises management and logistics teams, including ensuring purchases are repaid and/or properly expensed to relevant enterprises.


Provide support to Water4 enterprises to develop and implement their own logistics processes, mirroring Water4’s, with an emphasis on inventory management and receiving international shipments.


Supporting production, special projects, and other activities within the Program Department. 


Qualifications & Education Requirements

  • 5+ years’ experience in logistics, with an emphasis on inventory management, purchasing and international shipping related work.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Logistics, Inventory, Supply Chain, International Trade, or Business Management.
  • Experience using communication platforms such as MS Office suite, project management platforms, cloud-based email services, workflow sharing, and document storage platforms.

Preferred Skills

  • Ability to effectively and creatively share Water4’s vision for helping create a world where all people have access to safe and Living water to diverse audiences.
  • Demonstrated communication skills and ability to work cross-cult
  • Capacity to work both independently and within a team environment.
  • Willingness and availability to travel 1-2 weeks per year and to work nights and weekends, as required.
  • Willingness to collaborate to achieve common goals.
  • Desire to continuously improve standards to maintain high levels of quality and impact.
  • Openness to innovative ideas and perspectives
  • Ability to navigate and adapt to changing situations appropriately.
  • Mastery in listening carefully to and understanding the needs of others and proactively responding to those needs in a professional and timely manner.
  • Desire to and interest in developing, motivating and mentoring staff.
  • Proven leadership skills, including the ability to provide direction and motivation to others through communication, modeling appropriate behavior, optimism and high achievement.

General Competencies

The following competencies are expected of all Water4 employees

Job knowledgeDemonstrates knowledge of purposes, objectives, practices, and procedures required to perform the job.
ProductivityProduces a volume of work consistent with the normal requirements of the job.
Quality of workWork is accurate, thorough, and timely according to agreed standards and expectations agreed.
CommunicationExpresses information verbally and in writing in a clear and coherent manner.
ReliabilityCan be depended upon to perform assigned tasks in a timely manner and degree of supervision required.
InitiativeExhibits drive to complete tasks and take charge in the absence of detailed instructions.
DelegationDelegating and following up regularly to ensure that delegated duties and responsibilities are carried out.
TeamworkEstablishes and maintains positive working relationships with co-workers and works to share responsibilities towards common targets.
LeadershipMotivates and builds morale, eliciting cooperation from subordinates and achieving results through a team effort.
Constructive FeedbackAccepts improvement-oriented ideas and offers the same to colleagues or those under their supervision.

Position Reports To:
Director of Enterprise Development

Oklahoma City, OK

Application Deadline:
September 15, 2021

To Apply for this Job:
Please submit your resume here: https://water4.breezy.hr/p/69a284fa6e52-logistics-coordinator

Organization Summary:
Water4, a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt entity incorporated under the laws of the State of Oklahoma, USA, is an international nonprofit using faith, innovation, and empowerment to reimagine a world free from the water crisis. Water4 equips missional entrepreneurs in developing nations to create lasting economic, physical and spiritual change through market-based safe water solutions. This approach puts the solutions to local problems in the hands of local people and ensures that safe water access is sustained by local resources. Since 2008, Water4 has impacted the lives of over one million people in more than 30 countries through the power of safe and living water.

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