4Collective is a special group of Water4 supporters who share our commitment to a world where all people have access to safe water. Membership is based on an annual donation of $2,700* or more, which can be combined with a spouse or household. 

*Why $2,700? This is the average cost to install a hand pump in the communities where Water4 works.

4Collective members receive exclusive, personal communication on the impact of their support, a designated Water4 staff member to act as their point of contact, & more!


To make your donation by check please mail it to: 

℅ Water4
2405 NW 10th St.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107

To make your donation via stock or other assets please email collective@water4.org or call (405) 551-821

Check out our blog for the latest news from the field.


    Thanks to members of the 4Collective, Water4 missional businesses have the tools, training, and support they need to fight the water crisis on behalf of hundreds of thousands of people.

    4Collective is a special group of Water4 supporters who share our commitment to using faith, innovation and empowerment to reimagine a world where all people have access to safe and Living Water. Membership in the 4Collective is by invitation only to those who’ve demonstrated a significant and consistent level of commitment to the mission of Water4.

    Our hope and vision are for members of this group to feel an even deeper connection to the work of Water4 through regular updates on the impact of their support and opportunities to learn more about — and dig deeper with — the missional businesses Water4 supports.

    To learn more about how you can become a member, contact collective@water4.org or (405) 551-8214.

    Below are members of 4Collective, who generously supported the mission in 2020:


    Dick & Terri Greenly
    Norma Townsdin


    Dick & Terri Greenly
    Susan Ketch
    Paul Milburn Gift Fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation
    Dick & Terri Greenly
    Susan Ketch
    Paul Milburn Gift Fund at the
       Oklahoma City Community


    Dick & Terri Greenly
    Paul Heiss
    Judy & William Howard
    David & Lezlie Hudiburg
    Greg & Susan Kannady
    Love Meyer Family Foundation  

    Dale & Beth Matherly
    Don Simmons
    Kevin & Bekah Tinter
    Norma Townsdin
    Emily & Jason Trice


    Gene & Cathy Arthur
    Neil & Barbara Boyd
    Diane & Steve Calhoun
    Ron & Gail Carr
    Kurt & Shelly Dykema
    Timberly & Drew Harding
    The Huchton Family Foundation 

    Scott & Heather Jeffrey
    Jerome & Tricia Loughridge
    Francie Merchant
    Jason & Meredith Milliron
    Gary & Pam Minnich
    Senator Don & Linda Nickles
    Ted & Sherry Zachary 


    The Chapman Giving Fund
    Coffee Family Foundation
    Patricia Copley
    Ritchie & Amy Deffenbaugh
    JR & Tiffany Elliott
    French Family Charitable Foundation
    Marty & Kim Grubbs
    Susan Ketch
    Kelley Kinnett
    Dewey & Belinda Lee
    Pete Massion
    Brian & Kimberly Morgan


    Keaton Rosek
    Rucker Charitable Fund
    Dr. Herldeen Russell
    The Smith Family Trust
    Stamford Valley Foundation
    Levi Wade and Reg Aldrich
    Courtney & Aaron Ward
    Ruth Webb
    Daniel Williams


    Leesa & Bob Cattley
    Mark Clinton
    Sherri Corbett
    Patrick & Barbara Fowler
    Lisa & Mike Gilbert
    Jerry & Nancy Glasgow
    Matt & Grace Hangen
    Pat & Terri Hare
    Mike & Tricia Hensley
    Eunice Khoury
    Rick & Janet Kopke
    Stephen & Feliecia S Litsey
    Katie Love
    Lauren Mills
    Sharon Mock
    Mark & Freda Montgomery
    Eric Osborne

    Devin & Ashli Pressly
    Anna Rice
    Debbie & Dennis Ripley
    Dale & Leanna Rublaitus
    John Salajka
    Rowell & Corrie Sargeant
    Lane & Laura Smothers
    Travis Stephenson
    Brett Strohl
    Paula & Mark Thompson
    Walker Giving Fund
    Derek & Julie Watson
    Lynn & JoAn Wilson
    Patrick Youngs 

    *Water4 supporters who have partnered alongside the mission through an endowment 
    **Water4 supporters who have partnered alongside the mission at an exceptional level during their history

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