Acts Level Revival

“The word of God kept on spreading; and the number of the disciples continued to increase greatly in Jerusalem, and a great many of the priests were becoming obedient to the faith.” Acts 6:7

The rate at which the early church added new members is astonishing. Can you imagine being part of the revival that broke out in the early church? What about sharing the Gospel with a people group that is less than .1% Christian? Water4 is grateful to God to be seeing Acts level revival in Zambia and the gospel moving forward in Kenya. 

By following Jesus’ model of discipleship and leveraging the catalyst of safe water provision, Water4’s missional businesses are able to take part in building the global church. 

By ending the burdensome task of fetching water, Water4’s missional businesses are invited into customer’s homes and communities. This invitation allows our businesses to introduce Water4’s Multiply Program. Using Discovery Bible Study (DBS), Multiply aims to help people share their lives, discover Scriptures, learn to obey God’s Word, commit themselves to share scripture with others, and multiply disciples. 

Water4 has partnered with Access Water 4 Zambia (AW4Z) for over 5 years. During that time, AW4Z has been providing ongoing access to safe water with integrity and excellence. They have also leveraged opportunities to share the gospel at water point celebrations and take any chance they can to give credit to God for the work they complete. These actions have been like throwing seeds on soil and faithfully praying that they take root and produce. AW4Z has patiently worked the soil, trusted God’s faithfulness, and is now seeing revival in large quantities. The Lord is multiplying disciples and AW4Z is seeing unprecedented exponential growth. In 2021 alone, they saw the formation of 744 DBS groups composed of 3,720 people.

DBS Group in Zambia

Meanwhile in Kenya, Freedom Water Solutions (FWS) is working closely with an unreached people group. Engaging with a predominantly Islamic group that has been notoriously resistant to Christianity was a challenge many of the FWS staff were unfamiliar with. Regardless, FWS was determined to share the true hope found in the Living water of Jesus with customers they are serving. 

FWS knew that the water projects they implemented had to be done well and they would need time to build a relationship with the customers they are serving. By ensuring safe water was always available to its customers, polepole (slowly in Swahili), bonds have been built between FWS and their customers. These relationships have led to miraculous conversion stories and the message of true hope found in Christ shared in coastal Kenya. 

One village that FWS spent years pouring into is now the home of a church gathering. What started as a small devoted Discovery Bible Study (DBS) has grown into a local church that, through their study of the Bible, has had a natural outpouring of church traditions such as baptism, gathering funds to support each other, reaching out to other communities, and regular fellowship.

Baptism of church members in Coastal Kenya

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