You Went The Distance

This summer, Water4 called on supporters of the mission to bring safe, sustainable water to the more than 18,000 people in the most rural parts of Zambia. And you answered the call! Thank you!

Funds raised through this campaign, Going the Distance, are being used today to create 190 water projects and serve over 18,000 people in Zambia. Reaching even more people, funds are also being used to empower Water4 partners as they work to change lives in communities across 13 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

In order to complete projects associated with Going the Distance, we set a goal to raise $400,000 this summer through the generosity of donors across the country and a generational matching gift opportunity from the Paul M. Milburn Gift Fund. The Fund committed  $150,750 and we invited you to join us to automatically double your impact in Zambia. Not only did you meet this goal, doubling the match, but in total Going the Distance raised  $397,871! 

In partnership with Access Water4 Zambia (AW4Z), the Samfya and Chifunabuli Districts of Zambia are enjoying the life-changing benefits that safe water provides. “This Campaign has opened up the door for Access Water4 Zambia to take on the safe water service provision for an entire town and nearly 50 other rural communities, providing over 18,000 people with access to safe and reliable water in the process,” said Richard Moore, Director of Enterprise Development at Water4.

“This also includes schools, clinics, and businesses within these towns and communities who will have the opportunity to get their own safe water connection, that will in turn create better long-term outcomes for students and health care patients, and spur economic improvements that come as a result of these better education and health outcomes and time no longer spent by families walking long distances to collect water.”

Your support of Going the Distance doesn’t just change lives today. It creates change for generations to come.

On behalf of those living in the Samfya and Chifunabuli Districts and across the 13 countries where Water4 missional businesses work – thank you.

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