The Core

The Core is a  group of people committed to the mission of eradicating the water crisis through sustainable water solutions, month by month and community by community. 

How do members of The Core create this change? They create it with their monthly investments, empowering local missional businesses who provide safe water to communities for life.

This change positively impacts communities as safe water saves lives from preventable diseases and enables more women and children to pursue education and economic opportunities. All through safe and Living water. 

Together, The Core makes a monumental and enduring impact on the water crisis. 

The empowering aspect of Water4 is what drew my wife and I to the cause. Water4 teaches the communities it serves how to solve their water problem, not just solving it for them. We believe that’s the biggest gift of all and continue to give every month to help see that mission through.

–  Keller Flinton, member of The Core

Our prayer is that Water4 will continue to make a huge impact on the world’s water crisis, and we are dedicated to helping them by contributing monthly to Water4. All those individual contributions add up to something significant!” 

– Patrick and Barbara Fowler, members of The Core 

Furthering the impact of investments, Water4’s operating costs are covered by generous private donors. This allows 100% of donations from members of The Core to go directly to local missional businesses, bringing communities access to safe water. For life.

If you’re ready to join The Core and watch your monthly investment make a lifelong impact, click here to learn more and make your first recurring donation.

Thank you in advance for your dedication to ending the water crisis, once and for all!

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