Meet Michael

Michael Fullah is a Water4 cornerstone in his home country of Sierra Leone and across the continent. He comes from a humble, God-loving family of local disciple-makers and has four siblings. Michael loves singing, TikTok (our first Water4 selfie pro!), and making friends. 

“I believe that everyone I meet is part of the family God has given to me.”

Michael joined Water4Ever in 2012 and became a Water4 Financial Stewardship Champion in 2019. “My role is to help businesses and the communities they serve around the globe to grow in the Biblical principle of handling God’s resources and grow the businesses He has entrusted to them,” said Michael.  “God is the provider and man is only a steward”

Michael loves seeing the impact of Biblical financial training. “The world needs stewards to manage God’s resources” and “With great power comes great responsibility” are his favorite quotes. In addition to managing ongoing digital and face-to-face trainings through financial stewardship, Michael is a phenomenal photographer and takes many of the beautiful images you see in Water4’s messaging.

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