For Profit, For Purpose

Water4 is the catalyst and partner that invests in people and places thirsty for change. In 2020, we put our money where our mouth is. We have committed to helping every one of our businesses improve their cost efficiency while bolstering their revenue base. 

Building a GOOD business is about good customer service, both retaining our existing customers and growing the base. We have helped improve marketing and sales strategies, from how our businesses can better market NUMA water to new users, to how to ensure communities pay their pump iNsurance fees in a timely manner. 


Building a BETTER business is about keeping an eye on costs so that every cedi, leone, franc, kwacha, birr and shilling are used to build an enterprise that can deliver on its mission. Money spent well today will yield more jobs, more water, and more healthy communities tomorrow.

Proving profitability. Our business in Ghana borrowed $100,000 to invest in 100 new household connections, to be repaid through water sales.

Building a Profitable business? That’s next level. Water4 is committed to being the donor that drives change. The one that holds partners accountable for delivering results. That’s why we have asked businesses to cover an increasing share of their own costs with their own revenues, so that Water4’s support for basic operations reduces year upon year, as the local business becomes stronger. 


People employed by missional businesses


On average, our NUMA businesses cover 70% of their annual operating costs with own-source revenue in their start-up phase


Of these funds were used to cover the operating costs of the businesses themselves


Locally generated revenue

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