Faithfully Showing Up

Since 2008, Water4 supporters have played a role in sustainable change by investing in missional businesses, impacting more than 1.6 million people through safe and Living Water. The ways each person learns of the water crisis and makes that connection varies. 

The Adolffs 
Al & Kathleen Adolff first learned of Water4 after attending a Sandi Patty concert in 2013 where the singer shared the mission of ending the water crisis. “God spoke to both Al & I, so supporting Water4’s efforts was very easy for us and continues to be,” said Kathleen.

When asked how she would encourage others to consider a partnership with Water4, Kathleen shared that “the Water4 website has so much powerful, impactful information on it. Giving is such a personal decision that I try to encourage my friends to do their own research on that site.” She went on to say that seeing women and children having to gather unsafe water was heartbreaking to her.

“Another aspect of what Water4 does that I am so proud to support is the sustainable wells that Water4 provides. But the most important reason we support this mission is that Water4 feels it is equally important to provide clean drinking water as it is in introducing Jesus in these areas,” said Kathleen.

Not only are the Adolffs investing in the mission today, but they also share a long-term commitment to being part of the solution to end the water crisis as members of Legacy Circle, a special group open to anyone who has included Water4 in their estate plans. 

“We decided to leave a large portion of our small estate to Water4 when we pass away. It feels great knowing that so many people in need will benefit from what we could leave them and Water4 made it really easy to make that process happen.”

By coming together, real and lasting change can be made in the lives of those seeking safe water. Thank you, Al & Kathleen, for sharing your heart. 

The Spies
Richard & Judy Spies first came to know Water4 when their son began work with Rwandan students through Oklahoma Christian University in 2014. It was through those relationships that they learned of the need for safe water.

They visited Water4 HQ and took a deeper dive into the mission and vision of providing safe water in a sustainable way – engaging local missional businesses to ensure it would always be available. 

 “We consider access to clean water to be among the most basic of human needs and we applaud their efforts to make it happen. As the results of our visits to the Water4 organization and seeing their commitment to make clean water a reality to the people of Africa, we deem it worthy of our support.” – Richard and Judy Spies 

Cornerstone Christian Counseling 
Angie Taylor, Co-Founder and Chief of Operations at Cornerstone Christian Counseling in Colorado, exudes joy when talking about the role she plays in helping others to find the abundant life that Jesus wants for them.

Angie and her husband, Sean, first learned about Water4 through the Global Leadership Summit. It was then they saw a video featuring Dick & Terri Greenly, Water4 founders, and were struck by both the organization’s story and the fact that both couples were husband and wife teams co-owning businesses together.

When they decided to use profits from their business to partner with Water4 they reflected on John 10:10, the verse which acts as the driving force behind their business.

“As a counseling practice, we work daily to help others find the abundant life that Jesus died to give them. And yet we realize that ‘abundant life’ looks different in the U.S. than it does in other parts of the world. What about places where clean water is hard to come by, and women and girls sacrifice education and meaningful work just to walk miles to provide water for themselves and their families to drink? We figured we could do something to help provide abundant life in those situations, too,” Angie said.  

Angie shared how goal setting in relation to their Water4 fundraiser was in concert with the 10 year anniversary of their business.

“As small business owners, we realized it was rare to make it to 10 years. We know it is by God’s grace, and this fundraiser is a way to pay forward that blessing.” Angie went on to share that God spoke to her, asking her to double the original goal. As they trusted Him to provide, they hit it after two years.

“If you feel like a goal is too lofty, remember to take God at His word and faithfully show up – He’ll do the heavy lifting. If you feel a nudge, remember it is about us being conduits for God to work.”

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