Meet Joseph

My name is Joseph Faison Phiri and I’m a Water4 Multiply (Discipleship) Champion and the Managing Director of Water Access – Malawi. I am from a rural village in Lilongwe, which is the capital of Malawi.

I’m married to Edith and together we have four children, three girls and one boy. I enjoy soccer and ministering in the church where God has called me to serve as a pastor.

I first learned of Water4 in 2012. I love to see lives impacted as they gain access to clean and safe water at home. As the Multiply Champion, I help to organize and conduct trainings with Water4 businesses. I help to coach Multiply coordinators, provide program updates and moderate the Multiply WhatsApp group, answering questions as needed.

“I enjoy this role for I consider it as a Heavenly mandate in line with my calling – to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus who came to save the people. I love this for it creates room for me to show people God’s grace comes with salvation and it points sinful people to the Living Water.”

“I thank God for the great privilege of serving Him through my work with Water4. He has provided me with this opportunity and I am motivated by seeing lives transformed and my desire to achieve more for God’s glory. God is always pleased with those who obey.”

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