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Water4 is no stranger to re-imagining. Re-imagining a world in which all people have equal access to life-saving clean water; a world where a global water crisis doesn’t even exist. Re-imagining the traditional approach to charity and forging a new path. We don’t drill wells, pack our bags and go back home. We empower local communities and the entrepreneurs within them to launch their own enterprises and together we reimagine access to safe water. And we’re not afraid to reinvent ourselves to accommodate all that we can imagine. It is in this spirit of adaptability that we are pleased to announce that our partner enterprise, Access Development Limited – more commonly known as AD Ghana – has recently changed its name to 4Ward Development. 

Access Development’s original vision was to produce water well drilling and pumping equipment and to scale rapid access to safe water, but it has since become well known for being a micro-utility provider of safe and sustainable water services through utilizing a vertically integrated water delivery design. In other words, Access Development originally focused on, well, access. And in so doing was able to pilot and scale NUMA-branded, piped safe water through an entire district, providing around 100,000 people with access to clean water. But if fortune favors the bold, why stop there? The last thing we want to do is restrict our own operations from going beyond the call of duty. Reimagining the possibilities that could be realized by the work of Access Development, this name change to 4Ward Development signals the company’s commitment to go beyond “access” to bring safely-managed services to every home, school and clinic in each district in which they work. 

4Ward represents a broader business vision and allows for creative growth as we propel our shared mission into the future. This year, 4Ward Development opened a new office in Jinja, Uganda to serve as a second headquarters. Along with the original headquarter office in Daboase, Ghana, they will be able to serve both East and West Africa as a multinational provider of safe water services at district scale, tailored to consumer demand. Thanks to the diligent work of the incredible team at 4Ward Development, so far more than 600,000 people’s lives have been changed by gaining access to safe, reliable water and all of the benefits that follow. 

The future of 4Ward Development is very bright and properly encompasses the purpose behind their new name. In order to answer the call of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6, ensuring access to water and sanitation for all, 4Ward Development will take a market-based approach while working towards providing high quality services to over 3 million people by 2030. Now that’s forward thinking! 

Water4 is proud to partner with 4Ward Development and together, we will reimagine a world where all people, no matter their geographical location or socioeconomic status, can enjoy the benefits of safe, clean water and see their families and communities flourish in health and happiness. We hope you follow along as we push forward and continue challenging the status quo to eradicate the world’s water crisis.

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