The Value of Water: Beyond Access

Tapping into safe and affordable NUMA water has bubbled up into many more opportunities than just quenching the thirst of a community. In the Wassa East District of Ghana, it has enabled vendors like Hannah Breabi to earn a livable wage, and mothers like Abena Ahimaa to replace the need to walk long distances to carry water back home. For frontline workers like Dorcas Appiah, a lead nurse at The Community Health and Planning Services centre in Sekeyere Aboaboso, NUMA water means that they don’t have to send patients away to fetch water before treatment.

And while NUMA water has provided these added benefits to the population inWassa East, these benefits would not provide long-term sustainability if it wasn’t for the dedicated staff who monitor and maintain the functionality of these water systems. Yidana Ma

hami serves as Water4’s Country Director in Ghana. There, he oversees Water4’s Ghanaian partner, Access Development Ghana, and ensures employment of good stewards who continue to sustain Water4’s NUMA water infrastructure in Ghana.


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