A Note

From the Greenly’s

Dear Friends,

So now what?  We’ve never been in a global pandemic before, unless some of us remember the Spanish flu of 1917-18.  What are we supposed to do now? 

Many of us have been labeled as non-essential.  What do we even make of that?  The progress we were making in our jobs, our retirement accounts, our relationships, all changed in a matter of days.  It seems like everything is changed and it feels like “normal” is in the rear view mirror.  Much of this unsettledness we are feeling the experts say is grief, a deep sense of loss of this “normalcy”.    

So what are we who proclaim Jesus as Lord supposed to do now?  Well to start, let’s acknowledge our grief, this sense of loss and work through this process. Then let us do what we always do, put one foot in front of the other and move forward.  Let’s begin with not just muddling through our closest relationships but live in the power that Jesus has provided us. This may take the entire duration of the pandemic to achieve, which is fine, it is forward progress.  Then let us be the best we can be in the things that are right in front of us, our family, church, friends, jobs, and our charities such as Water4. We cannot let these strange circumstances paralyze us, God is not surprised by these events and He has put each of us in these unique positions in this unique time on earth to flourish, not fade.

Terri and I are so proud and honored to be associated with the godly, talented people of Water4, including all of you who support ending the global water crisis. We will walk with you in the middle of this pandemic and celebrate with you on the other side in the power of our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus.

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