H.E.A.T Exchange Impact:


This is a guest post from Jordan Campbell, Program Manager at Water4, reflecting on her participation earlier this month in the second of eight H.E.A.T. Exchange cohort meetings in Ghana where participants gathered once to continue in theology and leadership training.

The location: Wassa East, Ghana
The participants: Church leaders from 7 denominations in Ghana
The impact: Unquestionable

Thanks to the incredible work of Access Development, our safe water partner in Ghana, Water4 has been able to build great rapport with the communities benefiting from our total safe water coverage model for the 90,000 people in the district of Wassa East. Access Development and Water4’s strong reputation in the community, earned through years of eliminating physical suffering through access to safe water, has given rise to a number of exciting opportunities to expand Water4’s Kingdom Impact through the four strategic focus areas of the H.E.A.T Exchange: Health, Education, Aptitudes, and Theology. Water4 believes that by influencing leaders in these 4 institutional areas that touch every person in the district, we can see a picture of true transformation.

During this most recent training, many came to a more complete understanding of, in the words of the participants, “Jesus as the only way to the Father” through discovery bible study, an oral storytelling process for studying and teaching scripture. Participants focused on learning and understanding four key statements from the Gospel of John:

1) Jesus is the God who came to us
2) Jesus is the Gospel
3) Jesus is the Revelation of God
4) Jesus is the Messiah

These statements were then used to create an easily shareable song.

The truths in the book of John are rich and filled with good news. At the cohort meeting, we watched as these ideas hit the heads and hearts of the leaders and almost instantaneously called them to question the implication of these truths in both their personal lives and in how they lead their churches. The transformation was beautiful to witness.

This kind of transformation does not end with the participants directly involved in the H.E.A.T Exchange. Our hope and goal is to share these truths with everyone. The participants have all been tasked with teaching three people what they learned during their time at the H.E.A.T Exchange. Those three people are then asked to continue sharing the stories with their neighbors, with the ultimate goal of sharing the true Gospel all across Wassa East, and beyond.

The Impact: The Gospel is being understood and taught by leaders and pastors who have been preaching and teaching concepts that would be considered heretical by every major Christian denomination throughout the history of the Church. Already over 85 one-on-one disciple makers are out discipling their neighbors, thanks to the 14 Ghanian cohort participants that are obediently multiplying by replicating what they’ve learned.

It’s an exciting time for the H.E.A.T Exchange, and we hope you’ll join us in praying over this program and for the leaders involved in Wassa East as they bring back the truth of the Gospel to their churches and communities.

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