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Early in 2019, Water4 Zambian partner Access Water4 Zambia began mobilization in the town of Chinsanka to install a piped water network as part of a joint funded project with Hopes and Dreams Australia

The Chinsanka community welcomed the project, formed a local water committee, and came together to dig nearly 5 miles of trenches for the pipeline. On October 11, the Chinanka piped water system officially came online. Since then, the new system has distributed 185,920 gallons of safe water to the people of Chinsanka. That’s over 3.5 times the volume of water distributed during the same time period by Access Water4 Zambia’s four other systems which are all located in less densely populated areas.

Chinsanka is located in rural Zambia and is a hotspot for the fishing trade, as fishermen from the wetlands and swamps bring their fish to trade with buyers. Although cut off from good roads, the population of Chinsanka has swelled to 10,000 residents in recent years as people established a base around the fishing trade.

The Chinsanka piped water network provides NUMA purified water at 60 access points running the length of the community from north to south. People access water in a pay-as-you-go system by purchasing digital tokens for prepaid water meters managed by Access Water4 Zambia. Operational costs for the system, which include an attendant, chlorine, and filters, are funded by proceeds from water sales. A portion is also set aside to fund long-term maintenance and repair costs.

One of the strengths of the NUMA system is its modular nature. After a new system comes online, additional pumps and access points can be added with relative ease to meet the needs of the community.The Chinsanka system has only been operational for two weeks and it’s almost at full capacity in terms of water distributed. A fee-paying public toilet and shower are being constructed in the marketplace now that they have piped water, and Access Water4 Zambia has already received requests to add more water points and extend the system.

​​Chinsanka has enthusiastically grasped this opportunity, and since we’re in the business of providing self-sustaining opportunities, we look forward to seeing how far this project can go!

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