Waging Peace: Responding to fear and darkness in DRC

More than 300,000 people fled their homes this month in the northeast region of the Democratic Republic of Congo in response to armed conflict between two rival people groups.

Making matters worse, the region they’re fleeing from is ground zero for the Ebola outbreak that’s claimed the lives of 1,510 people in DRC since August 2018. It’s already being called the most complex health crisis in history.

Many are fleeing to the town of Bunia with little more than the clothing on their back. The sudden surge of people into the area, who likely won’t be returning home any time soon, is putting a significant strain on local infrastructure and resources, as humanitarian relief is stretched thin.

Water4 partner, AEDR, is based in Bunia and has already provided over 13,000 people in the region with access to safe water and hygiene training this year. In response to this recent crisis, AEDR is shifting focus to communities where a large influx of people has created an even more urgent need for access to safe water.

AEDR recently completed wells and hygiene training in two communities on the outer edge of Bunia and is eager to serve even more people.

With your help, Water4 and AEDR and are uniquely positioned to respond to the crisis by:

  • Providing access to safe water for people’s most basic needs
  • Providing hygiene training and access to soap to prevent and stop the spread of disease

AEDR can provide a community with everything above for $4,000 (less than $14 per person), and has identified at least 25 communities in the Bunia area they can serve if we can rally the resources.

The situation in DRC is dark, but you can shine a light into the darkness by by joining us in prayer and by empowering Water4 and AEDR to meet the urgent needs of the children, women and men affected by this crisis.

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