Ibrahim’s Story

In a small village in Sierra Leone, the reflection of the water crisis is changing from darkness to light in the heart of one man.

Ibrahim, his wife and their three children live in a small farming and fishing community in central Sierra Leone. Before having access to safe water, the people in Ibrahim’s village collected water from the nearby river.

“The odor was bad,” Ibrahim said. “The color was green and brown.”

In 2016, as access to safe water transformed Ibrahim’s village, a growing understanding of the Gospel began to free people from the chains of the traditional folk religion they once practiced. In a community where ritual sacrifice and devil worship were once common, the living water of Jesus was starting to quench people’s thirst for spiritual transformation.

“I decided for myself to follow Jesus Christ,” said Ibrahim. “My wife and kids also decided to follow Jesus.”

Like so many others who’ve been impacted by the work of Water4, safe water was just the beginning for Ibrahim and his family.

Join us Tuesday, Sept. 25 at the 2018 Water4 Reflection Gala for a closer look at how God has used access to safe water to ignite lasting transformation in the hearts of people like Ibrahim.

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