Alfred’s Story

As a NUMA Water Technician, Alfred wakes up each morning to a long list of tasks to complete at NUMA vending stations throughout the district of Waterloo, Sierra Leone. His job is to make sure the people in his community always have access to the highest quality water possible.

Alfred’s passion to make sure others have access to safe water comes from his own experience with waterborne illness. In 2002, he contracted typhoid fever after drinking unsafe water from a contaminated water source. Though he survived, he walked away with a deep desire to improve the standard of living in his country.

“That nearly took my life,” Alfred said. “I realized that it was due to unsafe water. I nearly died. My mom came first and looked at me and said, “Oh Alfred, I think we are going to miss you.” Thank God I was treated. I am free from that.”

After his fight with typhoid, Alfred realized just how important safe water, sanitationandhygiene was, but finding it was a daily a struggle.

Transformation began in Alfred’s community in 2010 when Water4 partners established the first NUMA water system in his community of Waterloo.

“I think that was one of my happiest days,” Alfred said. “We will kick out the sickness by the grace of God. This thing will be sustainable and it will be ongoing.

“We have a goal. We have a target. I’m sure we are going to hit that target. I just want to thank people that are permitting their funds to see our country reach that goal.”

Last year, thanks to many of you, the Water4 Gala raised $633,396 for safe water, and we hope you’ll join us in making an even bigger impact this year! There’s just over a week left until the 2018 Water4 Reflection Gala, so reserve your seats now to hear the rest of Alfred’s story.

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