Financial Stewardship Training in Uganda

Written by: Mary Beth Flippen, Financial Stewardship Manager

Did you know the Bible has more to say about handling your finances and possessions than any other topic? Maybe God knew, all too well, how our hearts are tied to our money!

Our Water4 partners know that to run a successful well drilling business, good financial management, based on wisdom and integrity, is key to lasting success. This past June,  20 business owners and employees from Uganda, Sierra Leone and Liberia gathered together at the Uganda Financial Stewardship Training to learn what God has to say about this important topic.

Bible stories were told, retold and told once more; each time encouraging us to dive deeper into God’s truths about handling our finances. Truths were revealed to all of us through in-depth discussions and skits, allowing us to apply them personally in our own cultural context. The principle that God is the owner of everything and we are His stewards came to life. Everyone left the Financial Stewardship Training with commitments to tithe, save, budget, avoid debt and to live a life of integrity. We all found new friends to walk with through our financial journey and the knowledge and ability to share these truths with others. 

After the workshop, many started implementing these principles with their families, and for the first time are beginning to budget and set goals together with their family. On the business side, receipts are being handled with increasing integrity, savings are increasing and destructive financial habits are being changed.

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