Malawi Farming

Hey, friends! It’s Michael with an update from Malawi where I’ve been for the last week with our partner Water Access Malawi learning about their work and visiting several local projects.

Yesterday we met a farmer in a remote village about an hour outside of Lilongwe. A third-generation farmer, he told us about how his father and his grandfather before him worked this land.

Today he’s growing cabbage, turnips, tomatoes and maize, but his growing ability is limited to the rainy season and is severely affected when there’s not enough rain. Within a few months, he’ll have access to a borehole and treadle pump that will provide water year around for his crops no matter how wet or dry it might be.

Once the new borehole and pump are installed, they’ll have the potential to significantly increase his crop yields and his ability to provide for his family. To say that water changes everything is a huge understatement.

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